The High Commission for The Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Miss Wob Dwiyet & Ti Matador 2017 winners announced.

The Dominica High Commission was host to the 4th annual Ti Matador & Miss Wob Dwiyet show on Saturday 2nd December, organised by the Waitukubuli Culture and Tourism Initiative (WCTI). The event was opened by the then reigning Miss Wob Alisha Laurent-Smart.

The show was the usual spectacle of parade of Creole fashion and cultural engagement and education with poetry by our very own young Lara Joseph, storytelling by Jane Grell and a patio session by Syliva Mitchell. Special greetings were presented by Ms Janet Charles, The Acting High Commissioner of Dominica.

This year the show benefited from the support and participation of young people and friends of Dominica from across the Caribbean with participants from Jamaica, Senegal, Trinidad, Barbados, Guadeloupe, St Lucia, Antigua and the UK. The organisation, founded by Dr Violet Cuffy, was launched in October 2014 as a UK-based youth focused organisation with the main aim of promoting the creole culture through youth engagement, education and the arts and culture.

The overall winners of this year’s event are:

Ti Matador 2017- Lara Joseph

Miss Wob Dwiyet 2017 - Rianna Patterson

La Dame Creole 2017- Eshiva Wright

The Dominica High Commission has supported the work of WCTI throughout the years and wishes to extend congratulations to all the winners and participants for 2017. We are particularly pleased to see the event grow over the years and now to extend its reach across the globe to other Creole speaking countries. We congratulate the WCTI team for their outstanding work with the youth.

The next event is scheduled to be held on 6th October 2018. We are appealing to our children from age 5 upwards to assist and to be part of this initiative as we showcase our young people. If you are interested please send an email to and for more information contact Dr Violet Cuffy on 07932730391.


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