The High Commission for The Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Dominica High Commission launches new website and Social media feeds

It is with great pleasure I announce the relaunch of a new look and feel of the Dominica High Commission’s website. This new layout will provide us with a platform to communicate effectively with a wider audience of the Diaspora. I believe you will find it extremely useful and insightful as a member of the Diaspora. In addition I am hoping it will appeal to our younger members as the intent is to provide inclusion at all levels with Dominicans, children of Dominicans, Friends of Dominicans and others simply curious about Dominica. 

We wish to play a more active role as an extension of the Government of Dominica by connecting with our people not just in difficult times like Hurricane Maria but most importantly as we embark on this all important journey of rebuilding a better and more resilient Dominica for us all.

We have introduced many new areas which will require your input, such as citizenship and volunteer registration– this is an automated page that allows existing and new Citizens and students in the UK to enter their details so that we may be able to proactively reach out to you and provide assistance when required. The register will also feature a skills database to identify individuals with specific professions.   We plan to introduce a new online newsletter which will again provide information regarding Dominica and the work of the High Commission and the Government of Dominica. We will also highlight the contribution of the diaspora and the various associations.

By now you have probably received invitations to like our newly launched Facebook page, if you have not yet done this, I urge you to do so. The Facebook page will be less formal in that we will share events that may be of interest to you, talk about exciting opportunities available to the wider diaspora. Here is another opportunity for you - we are happy to promote, showcase any member of the community or event that will benefit Dominica, so please share with us. 

And finally we are also launching a Twitter account and all three media means are connected. It is hoped this will steer us  in the right direction in providing you with relevant information. 

On behalf of the staff here at the Dominica High Commission and the Government of Dominica we trust you find this initiative a useful and positive one for a better Dominica. 

Thank you

Janet Charles

Acting High Commissioner