The High Commission for The Commonwealth of Dominica in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Maria Two Years On

In the midst of the devastation, the Government of Dominica and Dominicans resolved to rebuilding a resilient country. Where there was sadness and mourning, Dominicans united to provide comfort to the distressed, and sympathy to the grieving. We remember our fellow Dominicans who were lost to Maria.
The Dominica High Commission wishes to thank all nationals of Dominica, Caribbean diplomatic corps and their diaspora, the international community, Dominican associations, groups, businesses, volunteers, friends of Dominica and all the individuals who provided assistance to the recovery and rebuilding of Dominica.
We are eternally grateful for your solidarity and continued support and we invite you to visit and do business in Dominica.
Thank you,
Acting High Commissioner and Staff
Dominica High Commission